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Table 1 Mimics software, keyboard and mouse shortcuts

From: 3D printed ventricular septal defect patch: a primer for the 2015 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) hands-on course in 3D printing

Shortcut Action
Scroll wheel (mouse center) Pan: Move the mouse while keeping the scroll wheel pressed
OR Shift right click + drag
Ctrl + right click + drag Zoom: Move the mouse vertically while keeping the buttons pressed to zoom in and out
Arrow Up/Scroll wheel up Go to next slice
Arrow Down/Scroll wheel down Go to previous slice
Page Up Skip 10 slices upward
Page Down Skip 10 slices downward
CTRL + L Make slice indicators visible/invisible
SPACE Zoom the chosen view to full screen and back
Backspace Switch between two window states
CTRL + Z Undo the previous action.
Right click + drag on images Adjusts contrast window in images