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Table 1 Description of cranial prostheses characteristics

From: Low-cost customized cranioplasty using a 3D digital printing model: a case report

Analysis Case 1 Case 2
Intraoperative adjustment time 8 min 16 min
Precision to cranial defect Exact Exact
Intraoperative exothermic reaction None None
Cranial symmetry Exact Exact
Cost Low Low
  1. The left-hand column specifies the parameters that were evaluated on each prosthesis. This type of cranial vault reconstruction requires little trans-operative adjustment time, since most adjustments are done pre-operatively, and the prosthesis adapts precisely to the defect (this was measured by tracing the prosthesis and its adjustments on to a millimeter paper), restoring cranial symmetry to perfection (a comparison of the intact side against the side with the defect) without the burden of an exothermic reaction on brain tissue, and minimal production cost