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Table 4 ANOVA tables for the effect of anatomical model in planning for DORV-TGA cases. Response variable is case length of time

From: 3D printing for congenital heart disease: a single site’s initial three-yearexperience

Case length of time (Anatomical Model vs Traditional Planning): DORV (TGA-type)
Source D.F. Adj. S.S. Adj. M.S. F-Value P-Value
3DP 1 26,368 26,368 1.88 0.207
Error 8 111,962 13,995   
Total 9 138,330    
Planning N Mean (minutes) St.Dev 95 C.I.  
SoC 8 359.4 118.4 (262.9, 455.8)  
3DP 2 231.0 117.4 (38.1, 423.9)  
  1. Case length of time’s Cohen’s d effect size was large (1.098) suggesting a practical difference between SoC and 3DP case length of time for DORV patient cases. This large effect size further suggests the study p-value was likely poor because the study population size not due to poor trends