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Table 1 The main print settings for the PLA, PVA and Verbatim Primalloy filaments

From: Low-cost FDM 3D-printed modular electrospray/electrospinning setup for biomedical applications

PLA filament print settings
 Print temperature 210 °C
 Build plate temperature 60 °C
 Print speed 20 mm/s
 Layer height 0.15 mm
 Infill 20%
 Build Plate Adhesion Brim, 3 mm
 Prime Tower Size 10 mm
PVA filament print settings
 Printing Temperature 213 °C
 Flow 120%
 Print Speed 20 mm/s
Verbatim Primalloy filament print settings
 Printing Temperature 230 °C
 Build plate temperature 60 °C
 Print Speed 20 mm/s