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Table 1 (A) Table showing numbers of patients with infection according to mode of application as models or guides / jigs, which did not demonstrate statistically significant difference (p = 0.1141). (B) Infection rates according to bodily region of application, with numbers applied as models or guides / jigs in italics

From: A review of the manufacturing process and infection rate of 3D-printed models and guides sterilized by hydrogen peroxide plasma and utilized intra-operatively

Mode of applicationInfected casesNon-infected casesTotal casesCases with infection (%)
Guide / jig6495510.9
RegionInfected cases (Models / Guides or jigs)Non-infected cases (Models / Guides or jigs)Total casesCases with infection (%)
Head & Neck4 (1/3)19 (9/10)2317.4*
Upper limb036 (23/13)360
Lower limb4 (1/3)33 (23/10)3710.8
Pelvis011 (7/4)110
Abdomen05 (0/5)50
Spine02 (0/2)20
  1. * p = 0.0195 with regards to a significantly elevated infection rate of head and neck vs. upper limb cases