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Fig. 4 | 3D Printing in Medicine

Fig. 4

From: Maintaining safety and efficacy for 3D printing in medicine

Fig. 4

Group III, Virtual Surgical Planning with Templates. a, 3D printed model of patient with aggressive lesion of the mandible, colored in red. Radiology interpretation and the 3D model helped decide on a treatment plan including full thickness bony resection. The surgical reconstruction plan was designed for a free fibula graft, that is, a vascularized fibula graft containing bone and soft tissue. b, Cutting paths for the bone resection (green). c, virtual placement of the fibula graft (green bone segments); grey and red cylinders represent dental implants to be placed at the time of surgery. d, Virtual placement of a denture supported on this framework, all to be planned and accomplished a single-stage procedure. e and f, 3D printed templates to enable precise osteotomies of the fibula and customized dental implant positions were produced with stereolithography and used in surgery, enabling what otherwise would not be possible within the scope and time of a single intervention. Photos courtesy David L. Hirsch, DDS, MD, Chief, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Lennox Hill Hospital, NY, New York

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