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  1. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common types of liver cancer that could potentially be surrounded by healthy arteries or veins that a surgeon would have to avoid during treatment. A realistic...

    Authors: Abdulla Al-Thani, Abdulrahman Sharif, Sami El Borgi, Shameel Abdulla, Mahmoud Raja Ahmed Saleh, Reem Al-Khal, Carlos Velasquez, Omar Aboumarzouk and Sarada Prasad Dakua
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:24
  2. The revolutionary technology of smartphone-based retinal imaging has been consistently improving over the years. Smartphone-based retinal image acquisition devices are designed to be portable, easy to use, and...

    Authors: Aisya Amelia Abdul Latip, Kuryati Kipli, Abang Mohammad Nizam Abang Kamaruddin, Rohana Sapawi, Kasumawati Lias, Muhammad Arif Jalil, Khairul Fikri Tamrin, Nurul Mirza Afiqah Tajudin, Han Yi Ong, Muhammad Hamdi Mahmood, Suriati Khartini Jali, Siti Kudnie Sahari, Dayang Azra Awang Mat and Lik Thai Lim
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:23
  3. Acute otitis media (AOM) causes inflammation and hearing loss. Ventilation tubes are key in treatment. 3D printing improves prostheses in otorhinolaryngology, offering precision and greater adaptability.

    Authors: Luis Humberto Govea-Camacho, Irma Yolanda Castillo-López, Sergio Alejandro Carbajal-Castillo, Alejandro Gonzalez-Ojeda, Gabino Cervantes-Guevara, Enrique Cervantes-Pérez, Sol Ramírez-Ochoa, Sergio Jiram Vázquez-Sánchez, Gonzalo Delgado-Hernández, Jaime Alberto Tavares-Ortega, Samantha Emily González-Muñoz and Clotilde Fuentes-Orozco
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:22
  4. Computer-aided modeling and design (CAM/CAD) of patient anatomy from computed tomography (CT) imaging and 3D printing technology enable the creation of tangible, patient-specific anatomic models that can be us...

    Authors: Maariyah Ahmed, Myra Garzanich, Luigi E. Melaragno, Sarah Nyirjesy, Natalia Von Windheim, Matthew Marquardt, Michael Luttrull, Nathan Quails and Kyle K. VanKoevering
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:21
  5. Segmental bone defect animal studies require stable fixation which is a continuous experimental challenge. Large animal models are comparable to the human bone, but with obvious drawbacks of housing and costs....

    Authors: Kai Cheng, Haotian Zhu, Yuanhao Peng, Xinghua Wen and Huanwen Ding
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:20
  6. Three-dimensional (3D) printing technology has impacted many clinical applications across medicine. However, 3D printing for Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass (MIDCAB) has not yet been reported ...

    Authors: Prashanth Ravi, Michael B. Burch, Andreas A. Giannopoulos, Isabella Liu, Shayne Kondor, Leonid L. Chepelev, Tommaso H. Danesi, Frank J. Rybicki and Antonio Panza
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:19
  7. Ulnar shortening osteotomy (USO) has demonstrated good outcomes for patients with ulnar impaction syndrome. To minimize complications such as non-union, precise osteotomy and firm fixation are warranted. Despi...

    Authors: Kuan-Lin Chen, Cheng-Yu Yin, Hui-Kuang Huang, Yi-Chao Huang and Jung-Pan Wang
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:18
  8. Microtia is a congenital malformation of the auricle that affects approximately 4 of every 10,000 live newborns. Radiographic film paper is traditionally employed to bidimensionally trace the structures of the...

    Authors: Alberto Díez-Montiel, Alicia Pose-Díez-de-la-Lastra, Alba González-Álvarez, José I. Salmerón, Javier Pascau and Santiago Ochandiano
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:17
  9. 3D-printed temporal bone models enable the training and rehearsal of complex otological procedures. To date, there has been no consolidation of the literature regarding the developmental process of 3D-printed ...

    Authors: Andre Jing Yuen Ang, Shu Ping Chee, Joyce Zhi En Tang, Ching Yee Chan, Vanessa Yee Jueen Tan, Jordan Adele Lee, Thomas Schrepfer, Noor Mohamed Nisar Ahamed and Mark Bangwei Tan
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:16
  10. Inadequate surface matching, variation in the guide design, and soft tissue on the skeletal surface may make it difficult to accurately place the 3D-printed patient-specific instrument (PSI) exactly to the des...

    Authors: Chen Wang, Siyi Huang, Yue Yu, Haijie Liang, Ruifeng Wang, Xiaodong Tang and Tao Ji
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:15
  11. Surgical guides can improve the precision of implant placement and minimize procedural errors and their related complications. This study aims to determine how different disinfection and sterilization methods ...

    Authors: Badreddine Labakoum, Amr Farhan, Lhoucine Ben Taleb, Azeddine Mouhsen and Aissam Lyazidi
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:14
  12. Bioresorbable patient-specific additive-manufactured bone grafts, meshes, and plates are emerging as a promising alternative that can overcome the challenges associated with conventional off-the-shelf implants...

    Authors: Michaela Maintz, Céline Tourbier, Michael de Wild, Philippe C. Cattin, Michel Beyer, Daniel Seiler, Philipp Honigmann, Neha Sharma and Florian M. Thieringer
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:13
  13. Device-related bacterial infections account for a large proportion of hospital-acquired infections. The ability of bacteria to form a biofilm as a protective shield usually makes treatment impossible without r...

    Authors: Sophie Nilsson Zagiczek, Matthias Weiss-Tessbach, Manuel Kussmann, Doris Moser, Martin Stoiber, Francesco Moscato, Heinrich Schima and Christian Grasl
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:12
  14. Multi-laser Additive Manufacturing systems hold great potential to increase productivity. However, adding multiple energy sources to a powder bed fusion system requires careful selection of a laser scan and in...

    Authors: Sean P. Philips, Abigail Tetteh, Matthew A. Di Prima, Albert Burchi and Daniel A. Porter
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:11
  15. Femoral head avascular necrosis (AVN), or death of femoral head tissue due to a lack of blood supply, is a leading cause of total hip replacement for non-geriatric patients. Core decompression (CD) is an effec...

    Authors: Cameron Bell, Alborz Feizi, Gregory R. Roytman, Alim F. Ramji, Steven M. Tommasini and Daniel H. Wiznia
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:10
  16. The responsible use of 3D-printing in medicine includes a context-based quality assurance. Considerable literature has been published in this field, yet the quality of assessment varies widely. The limited dis...

    Authors: Martin Schulze, Lukas Juergensen, Robert Rischen, Max Toennemann, Gregor Reischle, Jan Puetzler, Georg Gosheger and Julian Hasselmann
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:9
  17. Accurate repositioning of the femoral head in patients with Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE) undergoing Imhäuser osteotomy is very challenging. The objective of this study is to determine if preoperati...

    Authors: Vera Lagerburg, Michelle van den Boorn, Sigrid Vorrink, Ihsane Amajjar and Melinda M. E. H. Witbreuk
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:8
  18. The extended trochanteric osteotomy (ETO) is a surgical technique utilized to expose the intramedullary canal of the proximal femur, protect the soft tissues and promote reliable healing. However, imprecise ex...

    Authors: Reza Bergemann, Gregory R. Roytman, Lidia Ani, Alim F. Ramji, Michael P. Leslie, Steven M. Tommasini and Daniel H. Wiznia
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:7
  19. Additively manufactured (AM) anatomical bone models are primarily utilized for training and preoperative planning purposes. As such, they must meet stringent requirements, with dimensional accuracy being of ut...

    Authors: Emir Benca, Barbara Eckhart, Alexander Stoegner, Ewald Unger, Martin Bittner-Frank, Andreas Strassl, Claudia Gahleitner, Lena Hirtler, Reinhard Windhager, Gerhard M. Hobusch and Francesco Moscato
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:5
  20. Modern additive manufacturing enables the simultaneous processing of different materials during the printing process. While multimaterial 3D printing allows greater freedom in part design, the prediction of th...

    Authors: Erik Kornfellner, Markus Königshofer, Lisa Krainz, Arno Krause, Ewald Unger and Francesco Moscato
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:4
  21. The use of medical 3D printing (focusing on anatomical modeling) has continued to grow since the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) 3D Printing Special Interest Group (3DPSIG) released its initial ...

    Authors: Justin R. Ryan, Reena Ghosh, Greg Sturgeon, Arafat Ali, Elsa Arribas, Eric Braden, Seetharam Chadalavada, Leonid Chepelev, Summer Decker, Yu-Hui Huang, Ciprian Ionita, Joonhyuk Lee, Peter Liacouras, Jayanthi Parthasarathy, Prashanth Ravi, Michael Sandelier…
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:3
  22. Surgical management for intracranial and extracranial communicating tumors is difficult due to the complex anatomical structures. Therefore, assisting methods are urgently needed. Accordingly, this study aimed...

    Authors: Xiang-heng Zhang, Jiahao Li, Zhenqiang He, Dikan Wang, Guiqing Liao, Si-en Zhang, Hao Duan, Yonggao Mou and Yujie Liang
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:2
  23. Three-dimensional (3D) modeling and printing are increasingly being used in surgical settings. This technology has several applications including pre-operative surgical planning, inter-team communication, and ...

    Authors: Angela Yang, Kapilan Panchendrabose, Cameron Leong, Syed Shuja Raza and Shahrzad Joharifard
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2024 10:1
  24. Phalloplasty procedures are performed to create a phallus, typically as a gender-affirming surgery for treating gender dysphoria. Due to the controversial nature of this specific procedure, more innovation is ...

    Authors: Maxwell W. Walker, Christodoulos Kaoutzanis and Nicholas M. Jacobson
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:35
  25. Medical three-dimensional (3D) printing has demonstrated utility and value in anatomic models for vascular conditions. A writing group composed of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Special Inter...

    Authors: Joonhyuk Lee, Seetharam C. Chadalavada, Anish Ghodadra, Arafat Ali, Elsa M. Arribas, Leonid Chepelev, Ciprian N. Ionita, Prashanth Ravi, Justin R. Ryan, Lumarie Santiago, Nicole Wake, Adnan M. Sheikh, Frank J. Rybicki and David H. Ballard
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:34
  26. Medical three dimensional (3D) printing is performed for neurosurgical and otolaryngologic conditions, but without evidence-based guidance on clinical appropriateness. A writing group composed of the Radiologi...

    Authors: Arafat Ali, Jonathan M. Morris, Summer J. Decker, Yu-hui Huang, Nicole Wake, Frank J Rybicki and David H Ballard
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:33
  27. Bone health and fracture risk are known to be correlated with stiffness. Both micro-finite element analysis (μFEA) and mechanical testing of additive manufactured phantoms are useful approaches for estimating ...

    Authors: Sriharsha Marupudi, Qian Cao, Ravi Samala and Nicholas Petrick
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:32
  28. The customizability of 3D printing allows for the manufacturing of personalized medical devices such as laryngectomy tubes, but it is vital to establish the biocompatibility of printing materials to ensure tha...

    Authors: Nicole Senderovich, Sharan Shah, Thomas J. Ow, Stephanie Rand, Joshua Nosanchuk and Nicole Wake
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:30
  29. The aim of the project was to develop a patient-specific stereotactic system that allows simultaneous and thus time-saving treatment of both cerebral hemispheres and that contains all spatial axes and can be u...

    Authors: Patrick Knorr, Dirk Winkler, Fabian Kropla, Robert Möbius, Marcel Müller, Sebastian Scholz and Ronny Grunert
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:29
  30. Restoration of mobility of the elbow after post-traumatic elbow stiffening due to osteophytes is often a problem.

    Authors: Ronny Grunert, Dirk Winkler, Franziska Frank, Robert Moebius, Fabian Kropla, Juergen Meixensberger, Pierre Hepp and Maria Elze
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:28
  31. Due to its high printing resolution and ability to print multiple materials simultaneously, inkjet technology has found wide application in medicine. However, the biological safety of 3D-printed objects is not...

    Authors: Karl H. Schneider, Gunpreet Oberoi, Ewald Unger, Klara Janjic, Sabrina Rohringer, Stefan Heber, Hermann Agis, Andreas Schedle, Herbert Kiss, Bruno K. Podesser, Reinhard Windhager, Stefan Toegel and Francesco Moscato
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:27
  32. Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap (DIEP) surgical procedures have benefited in recent years from the introduction of 3D printed models, yet new technologies are expanding design opportunities which prom...

    Authors: Nicholas M. Jacobson, Erik Carerra, Aaron Treat, Megan McDonnell, David Mathes and Christodoulous Kaoutzanis
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:26
  33. Preoperative planning of comminuted fracture repair using 3D printed anatomical models is enabling surgeons to visualize and simulate the fracture reduction processes before surgery. However, the preparation o...

    Authors: Naomi C. Paxton, Brandon G. Wilkinson, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Erin C. Owen, Simon Luposchainsky and Paul D. Dalton
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:25
  34. Scapular osteotomy for malunion can lead to resolution of pain and functional improvement in scapula fracture sequelae. Understanding three-dimensional bone morphology and analysing post-traumatic deformity is...

    Authors: Stefano Cattaneo, Marco Domenicucci, Claudio Galante, Elena Biancardi, Alessandro Casiraghi and Giuseppe Milano
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:24
  35. An early childhood skull deformity can have long-term health and aesthetic consequences for the growing toddler. Individual helmet therapy aims at a healthy growth of the skull shape, although not every helmet...

    Authors: Fabian Kropla, Martin Hoffmann, Dirk Winkler, Matthias Krause, Sebastian Scholz and Ronny Grunert
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:22
  36. For difficult or rare procedures, simulation offers an opportunity to provide education and training. In developing an adequate model to utilize in simulation, 3D printing has emerged as a useful technology to...

    Authors: Lauren Schlegel, Eric Malani, Sara Belko, Ayan Kumar, Eric Barbarite, Howard Krein, Ryan Heffelfinger, Morgan Hutchinson and Robert Pugliese
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:20

    The Correction to this article has been published in 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:23

  37. Sometimes cranioplasty is necessary to reconstruct skull bone defects after a neurosurgical operation. If an autologous bone is unavailable, alloplastic materials are used. The standard technical approach for ...

    Authors: Fabian Kropla, Dirk Winkler, Dirk Lindner, Patrick Knorr, Sebastian Scholz and Ronny Grunert
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:19
  38. The distal humerus is a rare site for primary and metastatic bone tumors. Due to the scarcity of cases and lack of standardized surgical strategies, it is often difficult for surgeons to choose the right choic...

    Authors: Yingkang Zhu, Shuo Gong, Jin Dai and Lei Zhou
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:18
  39. Custom-made triflange acetabular implants are increasingly used in complex revision surgery where supporting bone stock is diminished. In most cases these triflange cups induce stress-shielding. A new concept ...

    Authors: J. Magré, K. Willemsen, H. M. A. Kolken, A. A. Zadpoor, H. C. Vogely, B. C. H. van der Wal and H. Weinans
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:16
  40. External fixators are complex, expensive orthopaedic devices used to stabilize high-energy and complex fractures of the extremities. Although the technology has advanced dramatically over the last several deca...

    Authors: Hunter A. O’Connor, Luke W. Adams, Lisa N. MacFadden and Nathan Wm. Skelley
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:15
  41. This editorial presents the vision for the newly formed (2022) European 3D Special Interest Group (EU3DSIG) in the landscape of medical 3D printing. There are four areas of work identified by the EU3DSIG in th...

    Authors: Giovanni Biglino, Carina Hopfner, Joakim Lindhardt, Francesco Moscato, Josep Munuera, Gunpreet Oberoi, Alessandro Tel and Arnau Valls Esteve
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:14
  42. 3D-printed temporal bone models can potentially provide a cost-effective alternative to cadaver surgery that can be manufactured locally at the training department. The objective of this study was to create a ...

    Authors: Andreas Frithioff, Kenneth Weiss, Martin Frendø, Pascal Senn, Peter Trier Mikkelsen, Daniel Sieber, Mads Sølvsten Sørensen, David Bue Pedersen and Steven Arild Wuyts Andersen
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:12
  43. Implantation of the femoral component with suboptimal version is associated with instability of the reconstructed hip joint. High variability of Prosthetic Femoral Version (PFV) has been reported in primary To...

    Authors: Maria Moralidou, Johann Henckel, Anna Di Laura and Alister Hart
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:11
  44. 3D (three-dimensional) printing has been adopted by the medical community in several ways, procedure planning being one example. This application of technology has been adopted by several subspecialties includ...

    Authors: Lucas Richards, Shiv Dalla, Sharon Fitzgerald, Carissa Walter, Ryan Ash, Kirk Miller, Adam Alli and Aaron Rohr
    Citation: 3D Printing in Medicine 2023 9:10
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