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Table 6 Technology acceptance model survey responses for the utility of anatomical models for surgical planning

From: 3D printing for congenital heart disease: a single site’s initial three-yearexperience

Technology Acceptance Model Survey (19 responses)
Question % Answer
1. Was a 3D printed model used for the preparation of or during surgery/intervention? (19 applicable cases) 21.1% Yes
78.9% No
2. In your opinion, did use of the 3D printed model enhance your ability to execute a surgical repair? (4 applicable cases) 100% Yes
0.00% No
3. If no 3D model was used but CT/MR was used, did you note any additional morphological defects or unexpected variations unseen in the planning process? (14 applicable cases) 21.4% Yes
78.6% No
4. Please provide any additional information describing the impact of the 3D printed model during the planning or execution of this patient’s surgery? (free text response)
See section Discussion