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Table 7 Measurements of the anatomical characteristics of the natural and 3D-printed models of the phalanges

From: Comparative assessment of anatomical details of thoracic limb bones of a horse to that of models produced via scanning and 3D printing

Anatomical characteristics Bones (mm) 3D-Printed model (mm)
Length of proximal phalanx 84.2 84.6
Thickness of the proximal articular surface (between eminences) – measured lateromedially 56.0 56.5
Distal articular surface thickness (between eminences) – measured lateromedially 47.7 47.9
Length of middle phalanx 44.8 45.1
Proximal articular surface width 53.4 53.6
Superficial caudal articular width 51.4 52.2
Distal phalanx
 Distance from the extensor process to sole margin 58.3 59.8
 Distance between lateral and medial palm processes 67.5 67.8
 Lateral palmar process thickness 5.0 5.3
 Medial palmar process thickness 4.5 4.7